Starting from your drawings, we create prototypes and related samples through internal modeling, we take care of the entire production cycle by providing a ``turnkey`` package ensuring competence and high quality standards in each production phase.


An internal team, which deals with the continual search for style, is able to interpret the guidelines of fashion and trends in the leather goods industry to develop its own design: the results is a quality product, which is both cared-for and in tune with the needs of the moment.


The design phase is realised in our modelling department: the most varied and sought-after models take shape here thanks to the skill of our staff.

Cutting and packing

Our company takes care of the whole working cycle, creating leather goods with sophisticated technology, starting from our extremely equipped cutting department to the packing department. We succesfully combine suitable production rates with quality working to be able to satisfy all needs.

Quality & Dispatch

Care and attention to detail during the working ensures quality items, so our products are controlled by experts at every moment of the production process. Then, at the end of the working cycle, a final, thorough  check guarantees the quality of the finished product: from here the goods are taken to our dispatch-warehouse, ready to be send to their destination on time.